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All of our members need to be affiliated to England Netball to take part in club activities, matches, tournaments etc. 

Please see below some information regarding your/your daughters Membership with England Netball and the club.

This will apply to new members that have recently joined and have never been a member of England Netball before or those that have played for another club and are just joining us.

If you or your child has never had an account before then you'll need to create one.

To create an account go to:



Then click on find a club, search for the club you want to join in this case Ravens Netball Club (club ID 18197) and then create a new account. Create a child account for your daughter and an adult one for you.

If your daughter has been a member of England Netball before or has played for another club that would have affiliated her then you need to do the following...

Log onto their account and go to the 'Personal details' page and then on the left you should see a button titled ‘relationship’. If you don't, then click on the 3 horizontal white lines near the top left, this should then show the 'relationships' button. From there click on 'add adult' near the top right and create an account this way.

After this you should see a button titled ‘Buy Membership through ‘club’’ on either yours or her home page. This is a big red button.

Once clicked on find the right membership for your daughter

For example aged 12 will be O11 but U14 and click on that to highlight it which will move it to your basket. From there follow the prompts to add to basket and checkout.

If you have any problems please contact: 


? secretary@ravensnetballclub.co.uk


We are unabkle to set up accounts for junior members as these need to be managed by their parents/ guardians


Thank you for taking the time to read and don't hesitate to ask if you need any further support. 

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